Clean Chicken and Noodles!!

***Clean Meal Recipe!***
Chicken and Noodles!
One of my all time favorite meals. It’s always a warming and comforting meal. I’m going to give you the from scratch and the put it together versions. You can use whichever works best for you!
What you need:
Chicken meat (raw organic whole or pieces of chicken, or use an organic, clean rotisserie/roasted chicken)
Chicken broth (make when cooking your raw chicken or use an organic,raw broth)
Noodles (make from scratch or use clean,organic noodles)
Seasonings to taste
If your chicken is raw, cook it in water and seasonings and/or vegetables to create a broth. Remove from broth and let cool. Skim fat off of broth. If your chicken is cooked, pick it off the bone.
Shred chicken and set aside.
If you’re making noodles and need a recipe you can use this one ( If not, you can use whatever recipe you want.
If you’re buying noodles, use whatever clean, organic noodles you want. You can find them at any whole health foods store or online ( Egg noodles will work best for this!
Put the noodles in your broth and cook according to the recipe’s directions. I usually cook mine for about 30 minutes on medium. I add more broth or water to the pot as needed because the noodles will soak up quite a bit of the liquid.
When the noodles are almost cooked add the chicken back in and cook until heated through.
Serve and enjoy!
**If you want to add vegetables to your chicken and noodles, I usually cook them in the broth with the chicken. I then remove them when I take the chicken out so that they don’t become overcooked when cooking the noodles. I add them back in the pot when I add the chicken back in.
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With Love,

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